Osbourn Makerspace press release

January 3, 2019


We, here at Juniper are proud to be a part of this...

 “MakerSpace is now in operation at Osbourn High School. MakerSpace is an  innovation lab where students can use automation, such as 3D printers,  laser cutters and CNC machines (computer-controlled machine tools), to  create projects in wood, metal or plastics.

CTE and general  education classes utilize the space during the school day while  individual students may use the lab after school to work on a project.  Training by tech teachers  is available to guide instruction and safety tests are administered and  passed prior to students using the various machines. 

 The project for the month of December was a hardwood cheese cutting  board and January's project is a custom CNC-carved sign for the new lab.  Additionally, students used AutoCAD and the CNC router to make stage  pieces for the school's holiday musical set.”