Northern Virginia Community College

"I worked with Juniper as the Senior Construction Contractor at NVCC for  many years. They were an outstanding contractor to work with and I  always enjoyed it when they won competitive bids. They provided quality  work for a reasonable price and would always come up with cost effective  solutions should you run into problems on the job. They worked well  with our project managers and inspectors as well as the staff in the  buildings where they were performing work. Their crews were always  respectful of the staff and students that were affected while they were  working on the campuses. Juniper was one of the few GC's that I worked  with that was completely trusted and that you could call in an emergency  to help you out and know that you were going to get a fair deal. " -Gary Robinette, Senior Construction Contractor

Loudoun Water

"I couldn't be happier with our new lobby entrance. The construction was  seamless, and the crew very respectful that we still had an active  workforce within the demolition area. The crew also kept our area  extremely clean while working, we barley noticed they were onsite!  Beautiful craftsmanship, thanks Juniper!" - Andrea Baudhuin, Loudoun Water

Frederick County Public Schools

"This letter is to acknowledge the recent work completed by Juniper Construction on our Sherando High School Servery remodel project.  Juniper’s team of PM ,Scott Taylor and  Superintendent , Michael Allen took on a extremely tight work schedule for this summer project and not only completed the project on time but with minimal disruption and  no delays  to FCPS work days. 

Juniper Construction managed their sub and vendor workforce to meet their daily schedule and work flow and also worked closely with FCPS team to make this project a success, not only did their team work the odd off hours this project required, they also went above and beyond by working the weekend hours to make this project come in on time and on budget. 

I would highly recommend them for any of your construction needs and would use Juniper Construction again on any future projects they successfully bid for Frederick County Public Schools. "

 - Kevin W. Kenney, Supervisor of Construction